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Strong in strategic human resource managemen

Human Resource Management, 11 years experience in the field of HR;
- Recruitment, training, branch management, performance incentives, leadership development, organizational development experience in the field;
- 10 or more teams and regional operations, personnel management experience, are engaged in a comprehensive human resources management;
- Outgoing, professional responsibility, work steady, efficient communication, focusing on efficiency, focusing on cooperation;
- Strong in strategic human resource management, performance appraisal, leadership development, organizational development and other areas of construction and multi-team, multi-regional integrated management;
- Cooperation with human resources management consulting firm project experience.
Professional skills and expertise
- Human Resource Management, more than 10 years experience in the field of human resources;Romantic Wedding Chocolates
- Recruitment, training, branch management, performance incentives, leadership development, organizational development, culture and other fields of experience;
- 10 or more teams and regional operations , staff management experience;
- Strong in strategic human resource management, performance appraisal, leadership development, organizational development and other areas of construction and multi-team, multi-regional integrated management;
- Cooperation with human resources management consulting firm project experience.I had nearly a decade of computer software development, architecture design experience, especially in high-performance computing, cloud computing, mobile Internet has a wealth of experience.
In recent years, focused on cloud computing in the field of telecommunications and mobile Internet field of applied research, as well as cloud computing platform architecture research, at present, is now undertaking the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan in the special nuclear high base "transparent calculation of" work . In the cloud computing technology and the integration of mobile Internet, has a deep studyBest Wedding Flowers, and has extensive experience in industrial research and development projects.
Over the years, I presided over or participated in more than 30 specific projects, which focus on dozens of industrial projects, dozens of research projects (including the 863, a major nuclear countries such as special high base).Glogous Wedding Wears for Children Dozens of published articles, a patent license.
Social activities, as a "cloud computing Industry Association Shenzhen" members, actively involved in promoting cloud computing and mobile Internet combination a useful exploration industry. A French Modern Wedding

Presided over high-tech enterprises and declare success

After graduating from college two years, I accumulated a wealth of human resources jobs work experience, can be a good deal of personnel-related matters. A warm and friendly, attentive responsible for the work, rich communication skills, strong compression (more than 600 personnel of the company I was the only one), fluent in English, familiar with the country's labor laws and Shanghai, hoping to join with me your strength .
Give me a sky, I you are a miracle!1 with 8-inch, 12-inch semiconductor fab 100 clean room, and iron and steel plant construction system management system to promote more than five years experience; familiar with the new , expansion, renovation project safety, fire protection, environmental approval, acceptance, application for special equipment accreditation and annual examination and so on.
2 master EHS laws and work processes, and to complete management organization based EHS team and stakeholders needs.Top Style Details From Real Wedding
3 familiar with establishing and maintaining ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 & NOSA, EHS-related inspection organization has been involved in SGS, DNV, BSI, BV, JACOand other institutions as well as Microsoft, Apple, http://www.semthex.comPhilips and other customer review. Associated with a variety of EHS-related emergency handling capabilities.Takes on Wedding CakesMore than 20 years financial management experience, proficient in all aspects of accounting, tax planning experience.
Engaged in various types of enterprises (such as foreign representative offices, foreign Group companies, domestic Co., engineering companies, high-tech enterprises, etc.), familiar with relevant laws and regulations, and financial system that can manage large enterprise financial management.
Presided over high-tech enterprises and declare success, to obtain experience.
Involved in the company investment and financing decision-making, successful experience.
A positive attitude, easy communication, ability to learn. Amazing Wedding Color DetailsOptimistic self-confidence, good study, like the hands-on debugging, like communication and cooperation, learning ability,Wedding Cakes Galore perception, system development of electronic products have a strong interest in the hope of long-term development of the industry. Strong ability to communicate with people, love sales, sales experience a successful software project, the project follow-up, control, business meetings, have a more profound understanding. The new environment, new work has a strong ability to adapt. With good team spirit, good coordination of the various relationships. Good at learning, there is a strong independent work and problem-solving skills, ability to actively pursue business opportunities, to work under pressure.

a sense of responsibility

Won a full scholarship to attend the world's hundred prestigious Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (source: 2010 U.S. News and World Report ranking of world universities), and received honors degree in engineering. Have a solid engineering background, has a financial interest in strategic investment, and international accounting firms have office and domestic large power companies, investments in strategic acquisitions related work, there is a wealth of strategic management and investment experience, have good analytical skills and project management capabilities and ability to communicate.Since 2005, Huawei, Motorola and Nokia Siemens Networks has been engaged in research and development of communication technology, mobile communications were engaged in the core network, base station controllers, TETRA wireless cluster switch, LTE eNodeBPerfect Wedding Table Center , switching systems research and development of communication platforms. Familiar with communication theory and communication systems, mobile network architecture, Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding the softswitch architecture principles and have a deep understanding of the principles are familiar with the switch. And be familiar with principles of mobile communication systems, protocols, and mobile services, the telecommunications infrastructure and telecommunications software platform components have a deep understanding. Has been involved in during a rehearsal for communications software platform and development, distributed computing platform for communications with rich experience, familiar with communications software platform architecture.
After years of software development, software engineering to develop a strong sense of familiar software development management process, familiar with CMMdevelopment process, have a higher awareness of software quality.
Years of C / C + + development experience;Work with high motivation, strong communication skills, a sense of responsibility.Plan a Wedding Ceremony
Ability to work both independently, but also have a strong team spirit. Able to work under pressure and able to make creative practical recommendations to improve the daily work.
A variety of computer operation and office automation software is very skilled, able to adapt to and manipulate a variety of financial software. Actual operating over SAP, Oracle, Accpac, CODA, Macola ERP and other software, Decorating Your Reception Table ERP software, the operator has a unique experience and confidence to operate and control various other ERP systems.
Has a strong English listening, speaking and writing ability.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Strong communication and analytical skills

I've been work in accounting and assurance line for years. With the senior accoutant expenrence in big 4 accounting firm and other accounting firm, I believe my experience and skills would benefit nike shoxyour company. ? Professional knowledge and experience in brand, media and customer relationship managementjerseys monster ? Oversea marketing experience in Singapore and Canada;
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? Experienced in analyzing customer needscheap authentic nfl jerseys, brand positioning application to develop media plans;cheap nfl jerseys
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Highly-capable in English translation

Highly-capable in English translation , writing , interpretation and comprehension.
Detail-oriented,chi flat ironperservering,assiduous,work-spirited and go-ahead
Although I am not fresh from a very prestigious university,my capabilities and outstanding English skills in miscellaneous spheres and realms will assure you that I will be a asset to your company and generate profits .
My career platform urgently needs your positive response and support, which will inject great glitter into my platform.During the past three years, my experience has been concentrated in the logistics area,cheap wedding gowns now I am looking for a position where my experience will make a positive contribution to a well establishing nike shoescompany. So is your company. chi hair straightenerJoin you to make cheap nike shoesa better future together, I hope you can give me a chance! Thank you!my softwareskillI miss my home

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicken quip grounds high-flying Senate candidate

Right wing, left wing, chicken wing. Suddenly Nevada politics is all about chickens — bad news for the Republican Senate front-runner but a ray of hope for struggling Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.
Sue Lowden recently suggested bartering with doctors for medical care — "our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor." The line from the millionaire casino executive and former beauty queen immediately became a late-night joke and YouTube sensation, and upended a GOP race that had been hers to lose.
Democrats set up a website, "Chickens for Checkups," and dispatched a volunteer in a chicken suit to one of her fundraisers. GOP rival Danny Tarkanian circulated a video of her comments and asked if she were the best candidate to take on Reid.
Early voting begins May 22 for the June 8 primary and the inevitability that was building around Lowden's candidacy has eroded as others in the field of 12 Republicans sense an opening.
And somewhere Reid is cackling.
The Senate majority leader is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents, struggling with low approval ratings in a state that's reeling economically from an unemployment rate of 13.4 percent — well above the national average — and the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation. Infighting among Republicans and the possibility that Lowden cold emerge from the crowded primary as a scuffed-up winner would be a blessing for Reid.
"If the November race is about Harry Reid, Republicans win. If it's not about Harry Reid, it's a flip of the coin," said Ryan Erwin, senior adviser to John Chachas, a Wall Street banker who returned to his native state to enter the Republican race.
In discussing health care, Lowden said, "I'm telling you that this works. You know, before we all started having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor, they would say, 'I'll paint your house.' ... Doctors are very sympathetic people. I'm not backing down from that system."
In a new TV ad, Lowden says her remarks were taken out of context. As photos of Reid and Tarkanian appear behind her, she says, "They want to make this about chickens. That's what's wrong with Washington: lies and dirty tricks."
She had blamed Reid and his allies for putting "barnyard animals into the spotlight."
Reid acknowledges his own vulnerability and has been following a methodical path in pursuing a fifth term. He's raised $16 million, locked in support from powerful unions and casinos, and pushed job and health care issues that he hopes will resonate with voters.
Republican National Committee spokesman Jahan Wilcox said voters care about the ailing economy, not the chicken dispute. He said it would not weaken GOP chances in November.
Along with Lowden, a former state senator, a handful of other candidates have enough funding and organization to have a plausible shot at winning the primary.
Former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, 60, arrived at a rally in March on the back of a rumbling motorcycle, outfitted in black leather. She has the endorsement of a national tea party group and has said her first piece of legislation would be to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law. She's running her campaign out of her home in northern Nevada.
Lawyer and businessman Tarkanian, 48, was a star basketball player at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he played for his father, legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian. He's known for verbal stumbles — he once substituted Reid's name for Ronald Reagan in public remarks.
The wealthy Chachas, 45, blames Washington for economic policies that contributed to Nevada's high unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure rates.
In debates, they've argued over conservative purity, tax-cutting credentials and toughness on illegal immigration.
In the end, Reid's biggest problem might be himself.
A succession of polls show most Nevadans are unhappy with his leadership, and his close association with Obama's agenda has turned off some voters in a state known for moderate politics with a libertarian streak. In a year when voters want change, he has a record in the Senate reaching back to the Reagan years.
"He doesn't listen to any of the little people in Nevada. He's like a prince back there" in Washington, said retiree Joe Jacoby, 66, an independent who stood outside a Reid campaign event last month near his hometown, Gardnerville.
"The country," Jacoby said, "is going socialistic."
Reid defends his work in Washington and says the economic situation would be worse if not for steps taken by Congress, including the massive stimulus package. He argues that his efforts help his home state.
"It really ... offends me when people say Harry Reid really doesn't know much about Nevada anymore," Reid, who has a residence in his hometown of Searchlight, said at a campaign stop last month.
"Come and see me in Searchlight sometime," he said.
Maintenance worker Neal Tuteur is undecided on how he'll vote in the Republican primary, but his mind is made up about the Senate leader.
"It's time for Harry Reid to leave," he the sky
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USDA looks to reduce foodborne illnesses in poultry

USDA said stricter performance standards would hold slaughterhouses more accountable by reducing the incidence of foodborne illnesses in young chickens and turkeys. The plan would set a percentage of sampled poultry that could test positive for a specific pathogen that an establishment must achieve.
"The new standards announced today mark an important step in our efforts to protect consumers by further reducing the incidence of salmonella and opening a new front in the fight against campylobacter," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement.The proposal is open to public comment for 60 days.USDA said after two years, 39,000 illnesses will be avoided each year under the new campylobacter standards, and 26,000 fewer illnesses for revised salmonella standards.
The U.S. food supply has been battered by a series of high-profile outbreaks involving lettuce, peppers, peanuts and spinach in recent years, prompting calls from the Obama administration, consumer groups and Congress to overhaul the antiquated food supply.
Many firms including Kellogg Co, whose company lost nearly $70 million in products from the peanut recall, and ConAgra Foods have been among those affected.
The House passed food reform legislation last July. The Senate bill, which has been held up by work on healthcare and financial regulatory reform, is expected to pass its bill in the next few months.
The Obama administration organized a food safety working group last year that issued several recommendations to reduce levels of foodborne illnesses.
An estimated 76 million people in the United States get sick each year with foodborne illness and 5,000 die, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and are here
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